We would like to reveal to you why ProTransport TL/LTL software is again the best full truckload (TL) and less than load (LTL) shipping software on the market today. But first, let’s explore the difference between TL and LTL shipping and how you can save your business time and money.

What is less than load (LTL) shipping?

Less than load commonly referred to as less than truckload is the transportation of relatively small freights from multiple customers. This means that each shipment from different customers does not require a full trailer. As a less than load carrier, you take up a portion of your customers goods and transport them over a certain length of travel. For small businesses, this type of freight transportation is affordable because they pay according to the number of goods shipped and the distance traveled.
If your less than load company specializes in different services such as residential pickups, residential deliveries, freeze protection, guaranteed services, transit and many others, you understand how intensive the less than load shipping process can be. This is where our truckload/less than load software comes in, and you can see what it has to offer later in this article.

Truckload shipping (TL)

TL shipping is the transportation of goods that fill up the entire truck or a partial load that requires a dedicated truck. In most cases, TL is often preferred when a customer has more than 10 pallets of goods to ship, when they want the goods to be shipped faster or when they have high-risk packages.
Normally, customers pay more to get their goods delivered faster and more importantly to arrive safely. As a TL carrier, you therefore, need a system that offers flexibility, speed and operational tools to adapt to your customers needs. Our TL/LTL software can save you the hassle of meeting high consumer demand.

What is the software all about?

ProTransport truckload/less than load software is a fully integrated all-in-one trucking software that will keep you in sync with important data needs, shipping status, and monitors where your customers freight is at all times.
The core solutions offered by our software include:
• Updating and billing customers
• Dispatch operations management
• Load planning, equipment and load tracking
• Accurate and updated safety records
• Create invoices for your contractors and payroll for your drivers
• Improve your cash flow and manage your earnings
• Revenue and service failure analysis
• Revenue and expense allocation
• Much, much, more!

Why should you choose our software?

Our freight management software, ProTransport TL/LTL software, has set the standard for TL software. It has helped thousands of TL and LTL shippers handle freight shipments faster and safely. It is in use by several TL and LTL companies in the United States, including tanker carriers, flatbed carriers, refrigerated carriers, van carriers and much more.
ProTransport sets the industry benchmark for ease of use and flexibility. When it comes to user-friendliness, our software is extremely customizable to the needs of each individual user. The unifying system can help you reach optimal efficiency and control for your trucking business as it supports all stages and aspects of full truckload and less than load process. It also enables various departments of your company to work smoothly with one another and to maintain fluidity throughout the entire operation.
Our software includes all the important features you need to run a successful and efficient full truckload or less than load trucking business. The systems modular design allows you to acquire and utilize only the features you need. As a ProTransport customer, you can take advantage of our systems unique, broad and robust set functionality to your own unique business processes. If utilized properly, you will attain maximum productivity without overworking yourself, improve your cash flow in less time and become more effective with a single user-friendly tool.
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