Toll/ Import

ProTransport is very excited to announce the release of the latest addition to the plethora of features it has to offer: Toll/ Import IPASS.
We have partnered with Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and integrated our software with their I-Pass electronic toll collection system. The latest version of ProTransport enables users to import all toll expenses from their I-Pass accounts with complete details of date, time, amount, unit number, and location of the transactions. ProTransport users are able to automatically allocate each toll expense to the according sub-contractor account and include these transactions on their contractor statements, or maintain the records for the company’s expense account. This new feature functions in a similar way as the ability to import and allocate fuel expenses from fuel credit cards. It is just as effortless and quick.
This is yet another way that ProTransport evolves to reflect the needs of our customers. We hope that you will enjoy using the automated Toll Import system as much as the rest of our established array of features such as automated fuel purchase import and allocation, one click factoring company report exporting, automated driver and contractor statement emailing, load information text messaging, automatic mileage calculation etc.
Please tell us what you think of this or any other of our features! We value your business and input.